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Bot notifications Follow-up message

When: ✅ The tool notification often can be set up by the user in a dedicated room, to get notified in real time from the external software. Because there can be many notifications from the tool, the bot should recommend the user to send this kind of messages in a dedicated room if he hasn’t done yet.Even when the user is not online, they will want to login and have those messages waiting for them- but not mixed with other messages that might be important but will be lost in the clutter.✅ If the message is initiated by the tool itself, because of some kind of urgent/major incident/error that occurred, send this message immediately (in addition to reaching out to them over other tools like e-mail)✅ The bot should send the message after identifying the user engaging with the collaboration tool or the tool itself.❌ send tool notifications in the middle of a command flow (unless it’s critical)

2) Bot notifications Bot notifications are messages that inform updates of bot’s functionality. It can be new features, commands, behavior etc.

When: ✅ The bot should send the message after identifying the user engaging with the collaboration tool or the tool itself.✅ The bot can send themessageon, when the user waits for a command to process (only more than a minute waiting time). But, only ‘did you know’ messages, that are not action-driven 🙌​​.❌ send bot notifications in a chat-room with multiple users, only in private.

3) Follow-up message After the bot executes a command for the user, it suggests related further commands.

When: ✅ The bot should send the message after executing a command. Compare it to an e-commerce website, when you look at an item you have an interest in, and you see in the bottom of a page additional offers you might be interested in. On chatops, if the command has more related or further action the bot can do for the user, it can be very efficient to offer it and continue with the engagement. It is also a discovery journey for the user on the bot’s functionality.

We want the users to be in full attention to the message, we need to know our users and to be able to read or guess the situation the users are in, so we send it while they are engaged in order to really get them to “catch our ball”.

I recommend this article for further reading:

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I hope this article was usefull (:

UX guidelines for ChatOps:

(Not mobile friendly, but possible)

I would love to get your comments feedback!

Check out more ChatOps UX articles I wrote: Building onboarding in ChatOps My research into ChatOps UX guidelines

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How to build a long-term Crypto portfolio
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» How to build a long-term Crypto portfolio
Author: Sale Footlocker Finishline Cheap Wholesale Bow Back Pleated Maxi Bridesmaid Dress Ice Tfnc Outlet Order tTjieeb
Last Updated On May 15, 2018 @ 09:20

The cryptocurrency market has returned over 900% since the beginning of 2017 (at the time of writing this). You cannot find these kinds of return on investments in the stock market or anywhere. If you had made an investment of $500 in January, you would have made $5000 in less than a year (!). This type of strategy is known as long-term investing, and this guide is aiming to show you how to implement this investment method – to construct a long-term cryptocurrency portfolio.

Long-term investing is simply as its name says – taking a long-term view of investments. Everyone defines ‘long-term’ differently. In the stock market, ‘long-term’ normally means anything that lasts years… However, given the fact that the cryptocurrency market moves extremely quickly, we can scale that number down to couple of months or a year. If we look at stock market investment, the legendary investor, Warren Buffet, is an advocate of long-term investment because of the many advantages it has to offer.

The Advantages of Long-term Crypto Investment

Historical statistical data of a growing economy has proven that it works: Looking at the Bemabe Rave Moose Tshirt Acne Studios Discount Online Outlet For Sale Cheap Discounts Sale Eastbay Discount Top Quality hD8ln2dac
over a 5-year period, it has achieved a return of around 60%. The same can be said for the graphic print blouse Black Alexandre Vauthier Sale Sast Sale Lowest Price Real Cheap Price UDrKoCI
, which achieved a return of 25% over the same time period. Markets generally tend to trend upwards over a period of time, so with this in mind, long-term investing does have its merits. This can be said not only about the last 5 years, but for almost every 5 years throughout the history of the new economy.

Historical statistical data of a growing economy has proven that it works:

Lower fees: If you take an active trading approach to investing, then it is expected that fees from exchanges will trim your profits. With a long-term investment strategy, all the investor has to do is select a few cryptocurrencies, and then wait. A long-term investor does not trade every day, therefore, they do not have to worry about trading fees.

Lower fees:

Less risky: Dipping in and out of the market could mean that you miss days in which significant gains are made. You don’t have to worry about this with a long-term investment strategy. Keeping in mind that fact, in order to reduce volatility, we recommend getting into the market using the DCA method .


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Getting Started with Jira Scale

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So you have Jira in your organization and find yourself running more than just one server. Good news! You are running a Jira federation and there is a range of features and practices that let you keep those instances autonomous, yet connected and interoperable. The goal of this guide is to centralize best practices in administering, managing and running multiple instances of Jira.

Note that this guide is for information purposes, some of the add-ons are not supported by Atlassian, and some of the practices may not suit your organization's setup.

First of all, let's look at the circumstances that lead to a federated environment. When talking to our customers, we can identify four main reasons you may wish to run multiple instances of Jira:

Bottom-up growth of Jira : Due to Jira's low price point and practical value, Jira often starts in a single team and then spreads throughout an organization with new teams spinning up their own server instances.

Bottom-up growth of Jira Mergers acquisitions Autonomous IT organizations Intentional federation set up

Delving into the intentional set up of dedicated instances, we can identify several reasons for doing so by summarizing the practices of our customers, partners and our own IT organization:

Public / Private Jira Different grades of complexity Access to new features vs stability External Customer requirement Different Configuration or Settings Legal requirements Jira as an internal service Spreading Risk / Downtime Scaling

As an example of federation, let's share with you how Atlassian deploys dedicated instances for various purposes:

Federation of Jira instances is quite common among enterprise customers. Past researchby Atlassian counted hundreds of customers that run three or more Jira servers concurrently within their organization.As a result, customers with federated environments are not alone, but part of a larger community.Atlassian has therefore developed and is continuing to implement features that make management and interoperability of federated Jira instances easier for customers.

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